Blown cellulose fibre Werro Wool is manufactured by company WERROWOOL OÜ owned by Estonian capital (up to May 2013 we operated under business name INKU Kapitali OÜ). Since 2007 we have been active in the sales and promotion of blown cellulose fibre in Estonia. The company has created an all-Estonian network of installers for the installation and marketing of the material during its period of activity. WERROWOOL OÜ is a leading blown cellulose fibre marketer in Estonia and has an estimated over 50% of the Estonian market.

Up to 2011 we dealt with the importing of blown cellulose fibre from Latvia and Finland.

Now we are realizing a long-developed business plan of the company and have created our own production unit. We are the only insulation fibre manufacturer in Estonia. Our goal is to sell the material in the Scandinavia, Russia and Baltic states. In 2013 we were also included in the European Cellulose Insulation Association as founding member and Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia.

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